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When it comes to disputing contract matters, Contract Centre is the clear choice. Their expertise is as sharp as a tailor’s needle, ensuring they can untangle even the most complex and contractual knots. Contract Centre offer a No Result, No Fee! approach when it comes to contract resolutions. It starts with a Free consultation to assess your matter and ensure we can help. With a proven track record of success, they’ve earned a reputation as the go-to team for resolving challenging financial contract situations. Their approach is as sturdy as a brick wall, providing reliable and trustworthy solutions that give peace of mind. When you choose Contract Centre, you’re choosing a partner who will navigate the murky waters of contracts with you, delivering exceptional service and results that will leave you feeling as light as a feather.

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Professional indemnity insurance

We have professional indemnity insurance with Barclays, giving cover for claims against the firm. Details of this insurance, including contact details of our insurer and the territorial coverage of the policy, can be inspected at our office or made available on request.


To comply with our regulatory obligations and the terms of our professional indemnity insurance, we may disclose relevant documents and information to insurers, brokers and insurance advisers on a confidential basis. 


This could include details of any circumstances arising from our work for you that might give rise to a claim against us. You agree to such disclosure by us even if the documents and information in question are confidential and/or subject to legal professional privilege.


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Contract Centre´s mediators are a neutral third party who helps facilitate communication and negotiation between conflicting parties in a mediation process. The mediator's role is to guide the discussions, encourage understanding, and help the parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Our mediators are trained professionals who are skilled in conflict resolution and communication techniques. Their goal is to assist the parties in finding common ground and resolving their differences in a peaceful and constructive manner.

Commerical Contract Review

Contract Centre offers comprehensive commercial contract review services, leveraging their expertise to meticulously analyze and assess contracts, identifying potential pitfalls and ensuring their clients make informed decisions while safeguarding their business interests.

Personal Contract Review

Contract Centre excels in providing comprehensive company policy review services, meticulously analyzing and assessing client contracts and agreements to identify potential loopholes and opportunities.



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